Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cute Chicks!

Yeah, I know... the title of this blog threw you off. But these are my cute little chicks. LOL! They are only a few days old and I'm hoping for some good laying hens. There is a fifty-fifty chance though some could be roosters. If they are we will trade the roosters back for hens. It's so hard to tell at this age. We shall see. I got one that lays small eggs but a lot of them, four good laying ones, and one that's great with kids and so cute. :) So we'll have 9 chickens total now. That is good for me. Right now I only get about an egg every other day because I have only one young laying hen. The other isn't laying yet. Those ones are still only 6 months old so it'll get a little better as they gets older. For now we are just have a fun time cuddling these cute ones. Oohhh! :D
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