Friday, August 29, 2008

BBQ with The Boss :D

We went to my husband's boss's house for a BBQ. They are the nicest family for sure. :D Oohhhh, I loved their pool.

Even more food. Ohhhh..... yum. I need to love food less though. I just really love deviled eggs and little yummy snacks here and there. :P I really need to have more parties at my house but I never think about it. I'm more on my toes though when I go to people's houses that have a pool with no fence. It's more scary for sure. It was easier to relax this time because either Charles or I were always sitting in pool to keep our eye on kids. You can never bee TOO safe. I love swimming and I love the sun. I'm such a summer girl. Maybe a twinge more towards spring though. The rain as been great and has been watering my new trees and my grass (and my weeds.. ha ha). I really need to pull those weeds. That'll take like half a day. I really need to do Weed and Feed. Oh joy! Yay.... I can't wait. Not. LOL.
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