Monday, August 11, 2008

Back To School!!!

My boys really, really wanted to go back to school this year. My third son especially. They love being around the kids, the playground, the teachers, all the great projects everyday. Oh, I can't forget! Kyle is so excited about the bus. He cried today when I went to pick him up for school (just for today) because he really, really wanted to ride the bus. So, as tradition, Charles gets the day off so he can see his five year old (Kyle) start Kindergarten for the first time. It's a Charter school so first and second grade are put together. So Chaz and Ryan get to be in the same class. Kyle is right next door. It is still so weird though having them gone all day like this. I only have two kids at home now. Weeeeird. What am I gonna do? Clean, organize? Wow, actually, I really do need to organize things this year. I mean, really organize. We'll see each year how it goes. One year they could homeschool, the next year maybe not. We shall see.

I was actually able to hear the ceiling fans today in my house. It was really strange. Usually I can't because it's always so loud around here. Hmmm... I'll have to get used to this. I miss my little guys.
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