Thursday, August 07, 2008

Can't Sleep

I mean, just look at the time I wrote this post. I just laid there in bed
and I couldn't sleep. So, I went into my boy's room, kissed their heads and prayed for each one. Then I went into their playroom and organized it. I made a donation bad of about 35 things and I threw out about 30 things. So, it looks really great in there. I went and looked at some Heath Ledger tributes online. Played Spider Solitaire. Now I'm blogging. Sheesh! My kids get up in like 4 hours. Sigh. Last night I kept waking up a lot just thinking things. Then I would go back to a light sleep just to wake up again. Argh! Oh, I know this picture on this blog doesn't match what I'm talking about. Hee hee. It's just a cute picture and I like to always add one.
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