Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Extremely Strange Death Wish

Dead man stands throughout 3-day wake

This might be hard for some people to see so please don't go see this article if you think it might really bother you.

I thought this to be strange. Very strange. I've thought about what I would want if I died. I would want for my pastor to share Christ with everyone there. What would people remember me as? A faithful Christian, good mom? Or someone who never made real stands on anything. Was afraid to say what was right or wrong because I was worried what people thought.

I've been shunned by people (even family) simply for sharing the bible with them. Someday I'll stand before God and give an account. Did I tell my beloved family about Christ, or was I afraid I wouldn't be invited to the next get together if I did? Was I afraid to tell my neighbor because she might not let her kids play with mine anymore? Ect. I decided that, in the end, I'd rather be thought of as someone who wasn't ashamed.

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