Monday, August 27, 2007

How Girls are Different than Boys

Man, are girls hard! When Ivy turned two in July, boy did she turn two for sure. Now we have the emotions, tantrums, the "I can just bat my eyes and get my way" phase. It's different. Trickier than the boys. Now when she's doing something naughty, she just looks over at us with a really sweet smile and hopes everything will be cool because she's so cute. Girls are sneakier.

 With boys, you can say "what are you doing?" They yell back, "we're putting the cat down the laundry chute! It's so cool!". With a girl, you'll wonder why they've been quiet for so long and so you ask the same thing. "What are you doing". Her answer (done really sweetly), "Nothiiiing!" But really she's in your bathroom going through your hundreds of dollars worth of expensive make up and perfume. Smashing them and mixing them into each other.

 Man, a girl is definitely harder for me than my boys. You have to keep a closer eye. With boys I just have to make more trips to the ER. That's why the ER staff knows us so well at our favorite hospital. Yes, we have one because we've gone so often. I just wonder, what's gonna happen when Ashley gets here? Is it double trouble? In faith, I will hope not! LOL! Hmmmm....

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