Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ryan's Crazy Birthday and Swat Teams

Charles and I wanted to surprise Ryan for his birthday by bringing cupcakes to his class and singing Happy Birthday.

 Well, when Charles and I got close to the school, we saw swat team, police, and detectives standing by the back of the kid's school. We thought maybe someone got murdered in one of the houses or something. We weren't sure. All we knew is that we had to get cupcakes to Ryan's class before the frosting melted. So we drove around the front of the school but all the gates were closed where you drive in. We wondered why they block out people from going into the school. So, I just got out of the van, undid the large gate and pushed it to the side so Charles could drive the van through, then I shut the gate. As we drove up to the school, when we parked, we noticed there were police in Riot gear hiding in the bushes and looking over a wall. We just got out, wondering what was going on. At that point I realized what was really happening. We weren't supposed to have gone through that gate. One of the police officers in gear came up to us quickly and asked us how we got in here. She said, "that gate is supposed to be locked!" Whoops. I asked her what was going on and she said a guy right there behind us in the house had a bunch of guns and was making threats to kill himself. Originally it was a domestic issue but he turned on himself. However, they wanted to make sure he wasn't gonna go psycho and start shooting little kids. So she had to immediately escort us inside the school. Once she got in there she laid into the teachers and said, "we're supposed to be in lockdown. Lock your gates!" 

 They were embarrassed as they saw us walk in with cupcakes, realizing their mistake. The police ordered us to not leave the building and we would have to stay until lockdown was over. Which could be hours. We figured, oh well, at least we can bring these for Ryan still and surprise him. But what a bummer it is that we couldn't leave! Since the classrooms were in lockdown we had to be let inside, which the kids were excited about. We sang to Ryan and passed out cupcakes, helped clean up and went back into hallway. Now that we left the teacher in lockdown with sugar filled kids, we didn't know where to go. We were ordered to get out of the hallway for safety while there were policeman standing by all the exit doors with guns. We went into a very boring room with white walls and our two little kids started to lose it. They just started wailing because they were bored and tired.

 After sitting there awhile, Charles and I got desperate enough to start singing every child song we could think of, including the Barney song. Someone mercifully offered to sneak us into the daycare area right across the hallway if we would run. So we took the stroller and ran for it before we got caught. Thankfully, we could let the kids out of the stroller and let them run around once inside. I had to call some friends who were coming over for lunch to tell them plans were off and we can't leave school grounds. In fact, it could be for hours. Once we were inside and doors locked, we realized the workers were hungry because no one was allowed to leave for lunch so we gave the rest of our cupcakes to them. They were ever so grateful. 

After I was done passing out cupcakes, I realized how badly I had to go use the restroom. Plus, I'm 8 months pregnant, which didn't help. I looked out the window in the door to see if there were any cops, took my shoes off, and ran for it before a cop could spot me. I went to the restroom, then looked out the door carefully as not to be spotted, then ran back to the daycare! Aha! Finally after a while, lockdown was over, everyone sighed with relief and we were headed out. By then we had only been there maybe 2 or 3 hours. Can't remember. It just felt long because we were stuck. We took the boys with us, said hi to the other kids from our church and left. Since we didn't get to go buy Ryan's present and surprise him, we had to just take him with us to toy store and let him pick it out. We later sang to him and had his home. LOL! What a weird but interesting birthday.


Melany aka Supermom said...

Firstly I'm glad to hear the crazy man didn't try to hurt any kids AND that you guys actually have such great police protection over there.
That sure is one birthday of his that you will NEVER forget!

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

LOL I'm surprised you went in with the cupcakes!! I'd have figured Ryan will just have to eat all 26 later... how funny.

So did the guy kill himself or did they crate him to the loony bin? Do they not give updates?

Mrs. C