Monday, August 13, 2007

First Day of School

First day of school started off interesting. I woke the boys up at 6am and they were so incredibly excited. They absolutely love school and were so bitter they had to take a summer break. That was torture for them.

 We waited outside for the bus while I watered my plants in front yard. After waiting for 10 minutes I saw this bus far off but then saw it turn down a different street. Well, no bus ever came. After waiting for 45 minutes, I finally called school only to find out that the bus came, but was waiting in front of a different house one street up. Hmmm.... Thankfully, my friends live down the street who drive their daughter to the same school so I hurriedly rushed them over there.

 After they left I just sat back and thought, "this is so weird having only 2 kids at home." I could do anything! It was so adorable seeing little Kyle and Ivy running around the house, playing together, talking to each other and giggling, trying on costumes and running around as lions. So cute. When the boys got home later, there were other kids on the bus from our church and it was neat waving to all of them. I was watering plants again while waiting for them. I realized later I had top soil all over me from working on backyard just a few minutes earlier. I'm sure the kids wondered why Chaz and Ryan's mommy don't take baths. Chaz was so upset he didn't have any homework and I assured him that as time goes on, he will get some. That seemed to calm him down. For the sake of broken heart, I hope they issue some homework tomorrow. LOL!!!

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