Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Fun at Makutu's Island

(pictures Removed)

I never got a chance to really tell you how cool Makutu's Island is! That is an indoor treehouse and you are only seeing a fraction of it in that picture. It's a huge indoor playground for kids (and adults if you're like us). Charles and I climb all throughout the tubes there and past a waterfall. There is actually a scary slide and yes, I am too scared to go down it. The kids go down just fine. I tried it once when I was newly pregnant but of course this time it wouldn't be smart at 8 months pregnant. Not cool. It was so hard to keep up with Ivy because she was so fast for me. I was crawling on my knees, in and out of holes, through tubes, it was so hard! But Ivy was worth it. I just had to take a few (dozen) breaks. Rests, that is, not broken bones. Anyhow, we went there for Chaz for his birthday and the kids really love it. Ryan's birthday is in just a few days so we'll probably go to Jungle Jim's for him. Kyle's birthday is coming up to and we'll go to Chuck E. Cheese for him. Gotta be fair! So they are all picking there places. There are birthdays everywhere! LOL!

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