Saturday, August 04, 2007

Restaurant Fun

We really lived it up for Chaz's birthday on Friday. First off, we took him to Makutu's Island, which we all love. I love to go through the tubes and the slides. I did have a harder time, being 8 months pregnant, keeping up with Ivy. Sometimes, with some of the tubes, I just looked at them and said "oh no". Ivy insisted I go through them with her so I did but with much sluggishness. Eventually, she did so good I didn't think I needed to go with her anymore. I'm talking to Charles, I turn around, and there is a worker holding Ivy crying "mommy" with a big bruise on her forehead! Argh! I felt so bad. In the morning, before Makutu's Island, we took Chaz to Denny's restaurant for breakfast, hence the reason I put that cartoon on here. We got him a rocket cup with a special drink in it for just him. Everytime I went to drink my coffee, my creamers would be gone because Ivy got them first. Or my sugar packets were empty because of the other kids. Usually in the middle of the meal the kids all have to potty, then usually towards the end they have to go again. That's when Charles and I point at each other and say "your turn!". LOL! After we walk away we always have to tip the waitress really good because of the mess we leave behind. That way they don't ban us from the place. Next time I go in, I don't want to have to see all the servers drawing straws on who has to get us.

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