Friday, August 10, 2007

Laying Grass Seed

Charles and I spent 10 hours on the one side of our lawn today laying grass seed. We have such a huge yard that we only did the side of our house where our patio is leading into our house. It took so long because we have so many rocks in our yard, tilling the ground, raking, and removing all the play centers that were there to other side of yard. Also we planted 9 vines along the wall that bloom flowers certain times of the year, along with another bougainvillea. It was a long project, but worth it! I want to have a pretty outdoors. Next is planting all our trees. I'm so happy I have a big backyard. I love it. Most new houses have smaller yards so we are real grateful for this one. Anyhow, now I just need to buy about 10 more vines to go along each post of block wall along with the trees, and finish seeding the rest of lawn. The lawn you see in picture is not even the part we seeded to today. We did the side yard. As you can see, that other part of the yard is gonna be hard work!

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