Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Preparing My Large Family for Possible Food Crisis

I'm NOT saying anything is gonna happen. But not even a job is guaranteed these days. We've been there where we were living high and my husband's whole career crashed under him. We were NOT prepared. Yeah, he wasn't lazy but the only jobs available were looooow paying. Four years of learning to be grateful we had each other and grateful he HAD A JOB. Those were good years and I'm glad he's back in his field. However, I don't want to be caught off guard again.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about how to take care of my family if there is any sort of food crisis. What if we need to live off basics? I know there are lots of easy foods out there and packaged stuff we just pull from the freezer. So, the last week I made myself (and enjoyed it) learn how to cook from the bare basics. I have chickens, which is so easy and awesome. I need to have at the minimum 18 chickens to have enough eggs each day for all of us. We lost a few chickens thru the heat of the summer. I would've met my goal. Now I only have 8.  :P I am buying 10 gallon buckets worth of flour, sugar, and Krusteaz mix. I have 10 gallons of powdered milk. The really, really good kind. So, I am building up my supply. Don't worry, we drink regular dairy milk every day. But what if milk became a scarcity?  So, I'm not trying to overreact about anything. I just feel it's wise not to live paycheck to paycheck thinking money is always guaranteed.

I did so much baking these last 2 weeks I gained 8lbs!  Agh! Yikes! Whyyyyyy? Man, I cooked killer good. Even made my own pasta and homemade sauce. I felt like I was going waaaaay back. Just need my own vegetable garden again and we'll be set!

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