Thursday, October 10, 2013

When Plans Are Interrupted

Sometimes I make plans I can't always carry out. I don't know, like organization. This whole week I was gonna go through each room and get rid of stuff. (where does it come from?) Instead I had an extra 5 kids over. So how do I mop with 10-12 kids over? At midnight! On days where I have extra kids over I tend to just clean, clean, clean. By the end of the week I'm completely exhausted from cleaning so much. Why do I throw out my rule of putting kids first during those times? Well, because the kids are all visiting each other and I'm not usually noticed unless someone is hungry. So yeah, either someone is hungry or I gotta prevent things from turning into a complete disaster. :D It's not a problem, just tiring. When a whole tribe is within the same walls, it's just best for me to hold down the fort. Not do anything extraordinary (like organization), just keep some clean dishes available and maybe keep food cooking. Ha. You know, as tough as that can be sometimes, life is short. Visitors are a good thing. Tough days make me appreciate my busy days. I always say if you can't handle it, suck it up, get well rested, and suck it up another day. Where do you think patience comes from? Definitely not from a fairy. It's earned through hard work. Haha.

Well, what's the difference between having seven kids and 12 kids? I thought you wanted a large family? Yeah, I was eeeeeaaased into it with only one new kid at a time. It took an adjustment each time until things worked smoothly. I feel for those quintuplet mamas. Holy cow!

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