Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Wild Rides and Night Out

Recently my friends and our children went to a fun park just for Frys employees. Wow! Way better atmosphere than there usual because it was closed to the public. I've rarely taken my kids because of what kind of atmosphere there usually is there. I used to work there when I was a teen and it was way more family friendly. Seeing it the way it was the other night reminded me of how it used to be. This is definitely gonna be a yearly event!

Man, I've become such a chicken. What's wrong with me? My friend and I were discussing this and wondering why some adults get more scared as we get older. I think I know why at least for me. There is so much more at stake if an injury would occur! I have seven kids.... We'll, that's about it. I'm a mommy! I don't like to take those crazy risks anymore because of it. I was on the really long and very high zip line. I've never been on such a high one. I CLOSED MY EYES. I was praying he tied my ropes right. Aaagh! 

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