Sunday, October 20, 2013

Switching Out the Ugly Couch

Our living room couch has been seriously falling apart for some time now. I don't worship furniture so since it didn't hold up for our family then it was never good enough anyway. We have to be able to flip over and flop down without worrying it's gonna fall apart. So next time we'll have to pick our couches a little better. ;)

I absolutely don't want to go into debt for couches so I had been eyeing Charles' gameroom futon for some time. He was saying it's his, his, his. But I'm saying how much I despise the large falling apart couch and it's annoying to keep picking up the white stuff that falls out. So one day while he was at work I asked my big boys help me to make the switch. I just had to say how much I needed some really strong boys and they came running to help. Heh heh. That's the key, ladies. No nagging needed. Just point out the muscle factor. In no time we had it switched. Charles came home that night and was like, "Hey, that's my couch!" It's only temporary so he was cool with it after about a minute.  So much simpler this way for now. Eventually hoping to get a sectional. ;)

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