Tuesday, October 15, 2013

3 Things I've Learned In Our 3rd Year of Homeschooling

I feel like every year we are homeschooling the closer I've gotten to understanding how some of it works better. I know one thing is for sure.


Yeah, we don't have all day to clean, wash and do our hair, make phone calls. If anything, I ignore the calls and risk people being mad at me because we can't have the distraction. We wake up, watch a moral teaching video, have bible study and discussion, watch a history video, do homeschool, then chores. By then it's about time to do my chores and then get dinner started. Sometime around 9-10pm, after I've gotten everyone settled for bed, I take my quiet time. Yeah, it's quite a busy day. A lot different when I used to put my kids on the yellow bus and wave goodbye each morning.


If kids know they can talk mom out of work they will. I thought my kids were the only ones that thought they had it hard. Nope. I meet homeschooling moms all over and often they say the same thing. Every day they have to push their kids to do their work. I know there are those dream kids somewhere that happily wait sitting at the table for their work to be assigned. I just haven't met any yet. If you have one of those, please don't tell me. I would get a little jealous. Sigh.


I used to force my kids to learn history from a textbook. Often I'd catch them nodding off trying to read about the Aztecs. Now, I find videos for them or we visit museums. Sometimes we skip over things that we really feel isn't necessary to cram into their brains. I call them Ramen Noodles. Keeps them stuffed full with a whole lotta nothing. No nutritional value. Just seems like a filler.

That's it for now! Maybe after I raise all my kids I can say I figured it all out. For now, ha! I take each day at a time. For now, I'm just happy they are mine and I get to keep them all day. Once I got past the poor me, I have hardly any time for myself, I started to really enjoy my time with them. Work or just play. They are blessings.

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