Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Fun At the State Fair 2013!

We had such a bad experience at the fair about 8 or so years ago that we hadn't gone back. It was super crowded and there were some scary fights that would break out right next to us. Fearing my little ones would get hurt, we just stayed away. Finally we thought it might be time to try again and so we planned it. This time we had added 4 more to the family and knew the cost would be much higher.
It seems impossible sometimes to get our family out the door quick so we lost out on the $2 entrance fee if you're there by 2pm.  So instead of our cost being $14 dollars it was $45. That's just to get in. I had found out how to get each of my kids free rides. Five of my kids filled out three book reports each so they each got three free rides. We told them to used them on the biggest rides because they cost more and then we paid for the rest. Saved us lots!

My little Caleb is 4 years old and he loves, loves trucks. We took everyone to see the monster truck rally but especially for Caleb. He was sooooo happy! Then we took him to ride on one and race around these obstacles. It was so cute to see how happy he was!

As I've gotten older I've gotten more chicken of scary rides. I don't know why. Maybe because I understand danger better. Haha. All I rode was Gravitron, which almost made me barf, and a kid roller coaster. Well, I grabbed my two girls and since it was almost closing time I thought I'd try it with them. We didn't have many tickets left but the worker told me to have my whole family ride. I was figuring it'd be a safe and cute ride. Well, I screamed the entire time! When I got off the ride my husband asked, Babe, was that you screaming?" Ummmmm.... I loved it so much I asked the worker if I had enough time to go buy more tickets. He said, you still have enough for your whole family. What? Yes!!!  (We didn't really. He was being kind again). So we went on it again and us girls in our car laughed the entire time. (I screamed). Ivy at the end said, "man, mom screams loud." That's guy saved us $50 by doing that. It was the last night of the fair and they were closing so I think he was just dealing out some kindness. We loved it! Wowee!

It was so much better this time. A fight almost broke out right next to my kids. Seriously, these were grown adults. It's so shocking to see the immaturity at times adults display. This is where kids learn it from. Not always from their peers but from the parents. My family has experienced a lot of bullying and I've really started to notice that the kids were acting a lot like their parents. Parents just bully without their fist with how they handle their authority position over others. Kids bully verbally and physically. It's a learned behavior often. Thankfully that was a short fight. I had to shove my kids out of the way of the argument. Was scared for a moment there. It was short lived and we went on to enjoy the rest of the time there. ;)

Tip for the fair. Maybe, possibly think about adding five point harnesses to your seats. Skinny kids and only loose bars to protect them aren't cool. Especially when the ride goes upside down. We would spend the money to ride many more rides.

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