Friday, November 22, 2013

Chicken House Rules

Being that I've been needing to get a better Chicken coop together I decided to have fun and use the old playhouse. No one plays in it anymore. I heard rain was coming so I quickly worked on a couple of shelters to keep the bedding dry. However, I need to work on a much larger coup being I want to add about 20 more chickens soon. This last summer was tough for most people with chickens in my area. The heat was bad and I lost about 10 chickens. I would have 10 more egg layers now! Out of all the chickens still alive, which is eight, I have three roosters. Argh. That leaves only five egg layers. For our size family we need at least 20.  So, here I go again getting some adorable baby chicks and raising them up again. This time, not in the heat of the summer. ;)

I'm gonna get a sign made next to the luxury playhouse for the chickens that says...

"If you lay you stay,
  If no you go."

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