Friday, November 08, 2013

Pampered Chef Party

I've never had one of those parties in my house. I figured I'd force myself to have one. Seriously, I so much love to just have my family to myself that I rarely ever invite anyone over. I get out a lot but I don't always bring people in.  I need to change that.

I just bought a dining room table to fit 10 people. We had a table that seated eight but even though we bought it new, it was slowly falling apart. It completely fell on my daughter one day. Never going back to that furniture place!  This table isn't a high one this time so it's more kid friendly. I redid my whole living room so we are so excited! Wheeeee!

My kids are traveling tonight with their church youth group so I'm excited for them. They are going to a kid conference. I'm excited to see them making friends again. Ryans having to start all over since losing his best friend. I can tell he is really broken hearted about it. I feel bad but when we changed churches I warned him in advance that would happen. He still voted for the change even with the risk. It's hard on kids when parents make big changes because they make friends and are dependent on the parents to keep the contact.

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