Monday, February 09, 2009

Who's Laying an Egg Now? (Note added)

I was busy feeding the chickens and noticed that Ashley, who was playing next to me, was missing. I

started calling her name. I looked over and there she was. Sitting in the hen house. Ghetto hen house it may be but we just bought the plans to build two of these hen houses by Chick Chalet for them. Two of them will hold 24 hens together so it's what we need. We are saving up for the cost of the materials. So these Ameraucanas will just have to be happy with their tiny apartment. Oh! Sadie, my Buff Cochin started laying again. It's warm enough so that was awesome. Of course little Ivy, my 3 year old, said "Mommy, can I hold the egg and take it to the fridge?". I told her yes, and not to wash it (because it'll spoil faster) and just put in the fridge. I guess it didn't make it there because I found a cracked egg. LOL.

*Note added 1 hour later: It's pouring rain and I just had to go rescue more my poor chickens! If you look at the blog I just posted, you'll see that my hen house is too small for them but we're building another one. I had to go out there, get soaking wet, so I could pack them all together like sardines to make sure they are warm. Poor guys! One of the silly chickens was shivering on TOP of the hen house rather than inside. The ducks were practically wading around in the flood. Maybe I'll rename the hen house "The Ark".


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Hey, it doesn't look ghetto until it has iron bars on the window and graffiti "tags" on the sides.

It's actually a really nice setup, looks more like front-loading washing machines than anything else. :p

Virginia Revoir said...

My gosh, that was so freaking funny! LOL!

Chris H said...

Ashley is so cute sitting in the hen house!