Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sick Babies

My poor kids have been so sick. I finally took them into Urgent Care last night. It was so packed full because sicknesses are really going around right now. For the last week, Chaz has been complaining that he can't hear out of his left ear. I have to talk loud to him. His ear doesn't hurt at all but the nurse called to say both his ears were just flaming red. Ashley, I thought, had a cold she wasn't getting over. Then she started having fevers. Ivy hasn't been wanting to eat and now she's got fevers. My husband Charles got the flu twice and he's still sick. So, off I went to a children's urgent care with 3 of the kids in tow. It was so packed! It took an hour to just sign them in. Lots of sick kids. Finally, we got seen and we actually had a good time giggling together while the doctor listened to all of their chests. They thought it was so funny. Ashley, my one year old, kept mad dogging the doctor. She always does that to strangers. So we found out that Chaz's major hearing loss is due to a bad ear infection. He's had absolutely no pain so we didn't even know he was going through that. He has it in both ears. Ivy has a throat infection. Ashley has bronchitis and she got a breathing treatment while we were there. I had to hold it on her because she was screaming and trying to pull the mask off. All together we got 7 prescriptions for them and so I'm having to keep track of their doses on a chart so it doesn't get confusing. As soon as Charles gets some of his projects out, he's gonna go in too to see if he can get come antibiotics so he can get better too. He's got a deadline so he's been working on them even though he's been real sick. :( I definitely won't be in church tomorrow so I can keep Ashley in bed and well rested. I will have to reschedule my nursery duty I was supposed to have for church.


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Oh, no! Don't YOU get sick or the whole ship goes down!!

Chris H said...

Oh the trials of having a large family... Mrs C and I can totally understand! Hope they all get better soon.

FaithfulMommy said...

I pray they all feel better really soon.