Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Crazy Family Trampoline

I was sooo tired today so I went to crash in my bed. When I woke up later I noticed Charles wasn't working in his office but I could hear kids playing in the backyard. I looked out the window and Charles was sitting on the trampoline trying to help Ashley get over her fear of it. He held her the whole time and didn't let the kids jump to hard so she wouldn't freak. That's why in the pics she is clinging to daddy. So cute. It's pretty warm right now where I live so she is happy in her cute little diaper. :D Anyhow, I was in such a rush to take pics I didn't put it on the "outdoor" setting so I didn't get to get clear shots. It was such a cute way to wake up hearing the kids playing and seeing daddy out there with them too. I'm so lucky.


Chris H said...

If I was Ashley I'd be scared of the trampoline too~! Adorable Daddy trying to calm her down!

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...