Friday, February 20, 2009

Can You Help Me With My Pee Pee Dog?

Little Casanova here has potty training issues. I bought those potty training pads you can kind of see in picture in corner. He will go potty on it but he won't go poopy. It is driving me nuts. He's waiting to go on carpet. He never potties on carpet. Just takes a nice big dump or too. (Sorry to be vulgar. It's just getting on my nerves). We've tried leading him back to his potty pad. We've tried putting his poopy on the pad so he knows where it goes. We've tried putting him outside. But he waits till he gets back inside and then heads for the carpet for poopy or heads to his potty pad for pee. Arghhhh! Someone give me some advice!

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Lianna said...

I would definitely recommend steam cleaning where he has been going so that the smell is completely gone (even if the smell is gone to us, they can still smell where they like to go) and scent the carpet with something...maybe if it smells less enticing to him he won't want to go there.

Then, I would take him out every 1/2 hour outside to go potty. When he does go where he is supposed to, reward him immediately.