Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Spirit of Antichrist

My dad went into Walgreens yesterday and saw a lady who was crying that was working there. In order to in some way comfort her he asked her if she was okay. He then shared the love of Christ with her. Just told her that Jesus loves her. The next day he had to visit Walgreens again, and happened to run into the same lady. He saw that she was smiling and happy again and talked to her a little as he checked out. He again told her that Jesus loved her and he walked out of the store. Away from the store and about to get in his car, he heard a lady calling after him. She was the manager. She said, "Sir, you are no longer welcome in this store for harassment". My dad said, "for telling her that Jesus loved her?" Angry and without answering she walked back into the store.

Is this what America is coming to? Doesn't it strike you odd that this country was founded upon Christian principles yet you cannot tell someone that Jesus loves them in a public setting? Doesn't it seem odd that you would not get kicked out of a store for dirty language or even from words of hatred spewed at someone? What is so great about America is that we have the freedom to not only express what religion we cherish, but also share it through our rights of Freedom of Speech. That's part of what makes America so beautiful. This is the spirit of the Antichrist. No joke. People who don't think times are changing either have their heads stuck in a TV or are so blinded by Obama's white tooth smile that they don't know up from down spiritually speaking. All they know is America is gonna "change". For the better? That's not what the bible says. We are truly in the last days.
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