Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bows and More Bows!

So detail. I just finished a study group that we were doing for 3 weeks. I would go every Thursday and stay all day for 14 1/2 hours. Torture. That's when my new friend Cynthia and Amie saved the day. They brought their crafts. I have to admit. I've never been crafty. Only in the bad sort of way. Before I became a Christian. Ha ha. While Cynthia did her own crafts, Amie showed me how to make bows. I did a few at home after I went to the Ribbons and Lace shop. I was bummed that I didn't get a chance to visit the store again before going in to my last day of the study. 14 hours? Oh man. I had nothing to do. Once again, Amie saved the day. She brought in her box of ribbons and let me get to work. By the time I was finished, and several hours had passed, I had made quite a few bows. I have a total of

29 bows. I always make them in doubles so Ivy can have pig tails as an option. To top it off, I got the idea from another store to make the headbands for Ashley but leave out the bow. I just wrap a little bit of ribbon around the center and use it to stick one of Ivy's bows into. So they are all interchangeable. So I made a black, white, and pink one. So instead of making 20 headbands for Ashley, I just have 3 base colors. Then I click Ivy's bows on them according to what Ashley is wearing. Such a sweet, sweet idea! So the headbands you see in the picture of of Ivy's bows on them. Then I changed it out and put other bows on them. :D


Chris H said...

They are really lovely, and such a good idea to clip them onto the baby's headband. Clever tart!

Danielle said...

those are so sweet! I wish I could make my own. Natalee loses hers left and right!

Anonymous said...

Man that's a lot of bows :) Cute