Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Fun At Home

I hope these baby chicks I'm raising up for a friend will love their kids! I mean, they have to!
Look at what they go through every day. Riding in a wheelbarrow. Sitting in her kitchen in the playhouse. Being pushed around in the stroller. So, she chicks should be set. I wanted to show you my fountain. I always love looking at it and seeing the little girl bend over to catch the water. So, so, so relaxing. The pic of the side yard with my garden is my favorite I go to several times a day. Do you like my nice weeds right in the center? Aren't they pretty?? Ha ha.. I'm gonna work on that today. They are not in my garden though. They is a gate separating the chickens because otherwise they would dig holes in the garden. Speaking of digging. In the cute pics of Ivy and Ashley, you can see shredded stuff everyone from my dog shredding up her bed like crazy. It's a really nice bed so come winter, if she keeps at it, she'll have no nice warm bed. Ivy is sharing her lollipop with Ashley in these pictures. Do you know why my kids always strip down to their underwear? Because we have so much dirt outside they get really filthy fast. So they figure it's just easier. LOL. As soon as we walked in the door when we arrive home, BAM, they all strip. If I don't want them to, I have to say it right when I get home in case we are going somewhere else. Sheesh!
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