Thursday, November 06, 2008

14 Hours In The Pit

That's my version of my research study I am involved in right now. It's testing a vitamin pill. It's kind of heavy duty for how much we have to put into it. It runs for 3 weeks. I go every Thursday and stay all day for 14 1/2 hours. They basically observe us that day. We take a vitamin pill in the morning. Then I go back once in the morning on Friday and once at night. Repeat next week. So, I've done two weeks worth now and next week I'll be done. Then I get my $900. Yup. $900! Very helpful. I'm in a crowd of VERY diverse people. So lesson 1 was learned today. Don't talk politics. Someone brought it up. They found out I voted McCain and, I'm telling you, it got very heated in there. Most instantly became angry and freaked out seriously bad. It got crazy. I tried to calm them down. (I notice that party tends to be like that at protests and stuff. You ever notice that? The Republicans are politely protesting while the Democrats are screaming, fighting, and getting arrested? Interesting). So, in order to calm the room down, I said, "You know, whether we voted Republican or Democrat, we only know what we've been told about them. We don't know them personally, we haven't sat down and had coffee with them. We hear what media wants us to hear". It didn't help. They believed they knew everything there is ever to know about Obama AND McCain. It was pretty funny. So, thankfully they called us all to breakfast and it broke up the discussion before I got shot! Ha ha. So, my new found friends and I all spent time in a separate room away from the group just to get away but also to have something to do. So my friend was showing me how she makes bows for her daughter. So I made a cute headband for Ashley. We all arrive at 6am and leave a little past 8pm so we have a very, very, very, very, very looooooong day. There is really nothing else to do beside watch movies, read a book, or talk. So here is some pics on some projects us girls were doing. My friend made the cute bows and I made the baby headband. I'm gonna totally go out and buy the ribbon to make the bows for hair. So cute. :)
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