Friday, November 21, 2008

Changing Schools...Again.

(I like this back shot of Ashley. It just reminds me how little she is.)
You know, there is this academically great schools that I drive my kids to everyday. The teachers are so awesome, as I said, academics are awesome. But... the kids there have a lot of behavior issues. During the time that I homeschooled my kids, my boys were doing chores, helping me cook, didn't have other negative behaviors influencing them. They really made a big turn around. Since I enrolled them back in the school, they went completely backward again. It wasn't right away, just slowly as the months went on. There is excessive bullying on the playground and my boys are getting punched almost daily. Enrolling my kid in another school around me has almost been impossible. I live in an area where the schools are mostly Hispanic. The teachers are really behind just trying to teach the kids the English language. I went looking in my area and happened to find 2 charter schools. I found a small one that's only been opened 1 year. It's brand new. It's small so there is no playground, but it is culturally diverse which is what I like. The other school I found was big and gorgeous. It looked immacullant and I had high reviews from one person. However, when I looked them up on, there were so many negative reviews that I had to give that one up. A big complaint was that there is a high turnover rate with the teachers and staff. That is a bad sign. Sigh. So this one school I'm considering is my last option and I'm gonna go look at it today. If it doesn't work out, I will be pulling my boys and homeschooling them again. I really do believe outrageous, bullying, and rebellious behavior that is not dealt with in a classroom or playground only rubs off on other kids. I DON'T like Chaz getting punched everyday and on the bus. I don't like how BADLY their behavior has turned since they attended the school. So something has to be done. I need my boys back. For the sake of me, and for the sake of their little souls. They are in a very moldable stage right now. I'm not gonna wait till their teens to start figuring it out.


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Oh, no! Hugs to ya!!

Amber said...

That's one of the main reasons I decided to homeschool my kids. Their behavior was so great when they went and now, as they just finished their last day of pre-k, their attitudes are much different. I miss my sweet babies too!