Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ryan's Surgery Experience

Ryan broke his foot at church camp.  He doesn't regret going because it was an incredible experience.  How was he to know sliding down a mud slide could cause a break?  It's just one of those freak things.  His foot was so swollen so I knew that could be a bad sign.  Sure enough he broke 3 bones.  The break is pretty bad actually and so it still can't be put in a cast and has to be monitored weekly.

Getting ready for surgery

We originally thought only one bone needed a pin but when the doctor took an xray from a different view, two bones were completely away from each other and had to be pinned together to start healing.

Ryan still waiting but we were enjoying our "oceanside view."

We were told to be at the hospital a day after we got back from our family camping trip (different blog story) and so Ryan and I went alone.  I knew all the walking on crutches was really hard and he was starting to get a rash under his arms.  We had to walk really far to get to his surgery area.  The whole process from surgery prep to leaving was 5 hours. He has two metal pins sticking out of the bottom of his foot and they won't be removed for 4 weeks

Waking up after surgery
 Ryan had a really good attitude the whole time but when they took him away to the surgery room he started shaking.  The nurse told me it would take an hour for the surgery but maybe longer because this doctor was a perfectionist.  A perfectionist?  Awesome. That's a very good thing.  It's a good thing I'm not a surgeon and there is a reason why I'm not. Ha.  "Here's some duck tape.  It should hold good 'nuff!" Haha.  Anyway, Ryan said it was weird to be talking to the doctors, not even know he passed out, then wake up in recovery.  It felt like it was 2 seconds.

But ohhhhhhh, the pain hit later and we had to start his meds because it was BAD.  I keep track on my phone because it's just too much to remember with rotating medicines.  Even these medicines don't take away the pain but it makes it tolerable. 

But guess what?  Both my parents and my in-laws gifted Ryan a knee scooter so he can still be a kid and get around easy.  He has been kinda down just laying around.  Not he's been getting around easy when needed when the pain isn't too bad.  I'm soooo happy for him!  This scooter is the cadillac of scooters.  It's smooth and rides fast.  he loves it.

Ryan on his medical knee scooter

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