Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Our First Adventure at the Lake!

Daddy and Ashley
I've been to the lake soooo many times when I was younger but for some reason we just never got around to taking our kids.  I'll tell you why I was hesitant.  The last experience I had at the lake was when I was 18 and there were a bunch of college girls swimming in thongs.  I was so afraid my kids, especially my boys, were gonna see that.  A friend invited us to go to a less popular lake so I thought we'd give it a shot.  

Caleb (4) and Ivy (8) with a friend in the middle
Wow!  It went great!  It only took an hour to get there and after we got past the crazy twists and turns next to cliffs, I finally took my hands off my eyes.  We found the lake and the atmosphere was just other families like us!  We unloaded our stuff as soon as we found our friends.  The kids were so excited but I wasn't ready to let them in the water till 3 of my younger ones had their life vests on.  Ivy kept trying to convince me she's a good swimmer.  She's a very good swimmer but this was the lake and I wasn't taking any chances. 

Me and my sweet teen Chaz
 We stayed for several hours, ate, swam, and fellowshipped with our friends.  I loved how part of the lake was beach style and slowly went down.  I was able to take my two babies in and let them play with waves barely hitting their ankles.  I was a nervous mama though so I was a bit relieved when Juliet was ready for her nap in the portable playpen.  Phew! 

Ashley hamming it up in the water

My friend Cheryl and I
 I'm sooooo not a morning person so when our friends invited us to get their close to dawn, I said no way.  Haha.  We are such night owls and preferred to watch the sunset there instead.  They were brave and got up early anyway without us.  Seriously, this family just takes so long to get out the door I knew it was too hard to leave early. Thankfully they were patient and waited for us.  :)

Juliet with friend Tiffany
Even though the kids swam for hours and hours, I had to pull them out of the water.  They were so bummed to leave.  Haha.  It was so beautiful being there.  I seriously do NOT like the state I live in and loooooong for a place that is green.  Finding a body of water bigger than a bathtub is kinda nice.

Taking one last pic with friends before they leave!

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