Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Broken Foot and Camp Memories

Ryan entertaining sister while waiting for doctor
So I took Ryan to the doctor to see exactly why he needed to be on crutches and what the damage was.  He had xrays and sure enough he had broken 3 bones in his foot while at camp.  Poor guy!  He hardly complained and was in good spirits even though he was hobbling around.  Thankfully, I already had crutches so I didn't have to buy another pair. 
Ryan with a temporary splint

Ryan will be seeing a specialist on Thursday and will get it set in a cast. For now they can't do it just yet because the foot is gonna swell some more.  He's in pain though and has to lay around mostly.  The doctor gave him strict orders to sit down with his foot elevated most of the time.  Only minimal walking around.  When he does have to walk, he gets pretty tired on the crutches.  Poor guy!  We are supposed to be camping this weekend.  :P  I have no idea how hard that's gonna be for him with the terrain.

He still says he is so happy he got to experience camp.  He had an amazing time!  My friend took these pics at camp and I'd love to share.

Ryan holding the team flag
Chaz and Ryan
Chaz jumping into mud pit
This is where Ryan broke his foot.  After you jump into mudpit, you go to the left and slide down a muddy slide.  Somehow he twisted it on his way down.  After he got home and we discussed the results of test, I asked Ryan to find the blessing in the situation. He thought about it for a minute and then said, 

"I don't have to do chores!"

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