Monday, June 02, 2014

It Takes a Church- TV Show Review

I received the DVD in the mail to review the first It Takes a Church TV series on the Game Show Network.  I was a tad doubtful about it but knew I couldn't make a judgement on it till I watched it.  Here is a preview first!

"If you've ever watched a reality dating show and thought the contestants were looking for love in all the wrong places, you'll love the premise here:  all the matchmaking takes place in the contestant's own church, with fellow members recommending and even helping select the potential dates."

Okay, when I first read what this series was about I was kinda scratching my head.  A dating thing in the church?  I don't know.  Then as I was watching it, I remembered how much my views have changed in the last few months about thinking of church as a community, not just an outreach.  An outreach is IMPORTANT, don't get me wrong.  I just think it's good when it also creates a sense of family and community where people look out for one another.  There is nothing wrong with having fun together and fellowshipping.  I did think it was a tad odd including a dating thing into a regular church service but I guess really there is nothing WRONG with it.  It just felt a little out of place for me.  I could be wrong as it could have been a separate event.  Anyhow, it's definitely interesting to watch and I loved how they put lots of emphasis on how it was important to talk with your pastor about the guy, ask questions, and know more about this person's history before just jumping into something serious.  In the show,You do see a HUGE difference on what to look for in a Christian spouse verses a big emphasis on money and good looks only.

What I LOVED was how close everyone in the church seemed with each other.  They weren't just weekend service friends but seemed to be more like family.  Do you even see someone dating and wish you could show them what you see in who they are dating?  You know, like to spare them from a bad mistake?  This girl in the premiere of the show states that she had made some poor decisions in the past trying to find someone she could marry.  This time she was gonna trust her church family to find her someone.  The whole church comes together with Natalie Grant as the host to help find her a Christian soul mate.  Not just for the fun of dating but in hopes of finding a Christian to marry.  I thought it was pretty cool and it was exciting to see who she picked to date in the end.  I watched just the first one that will come out on June 5th but might have fun catching some of the other shows coming after it.  :)

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