Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mom's Don't Get a Sick Day

Yesterday I woke up really, really sick and could hardly walk around.  It is soooooo hard for moms to be the one that's sick.  I just had to put up a baby gate in the living room and lay down on the couch.  Thankfully, the little ones were contained in just that area with me so I didn't have to worry.  Man, moms sure don't get sick days.  I kind of ended up with one later.

 We needed some van repairs and yesterday I was supposed to be the one to take the van in with the kids to get worked on for several hours.  Since I couldn't, Charles got off work early and took four kids with him to take care of the van.  Then I had just the baby and some older ones plus a friend.  Juliet got into everything possible that you can get into even though I had her in the living room with me.  A good friend came to pick up the kids I had for Vacation Bible School.  Thank goodness for them!  Once Juliet went to sleep I finally could just peacefully lay down without hopping up to rescue her from something.  It was so quiet for several hours.  It was soooooo nice but later it felt a little lonely.  :P

This morning I woke up and felt my old self again.  Thank goodness!!!! I can't afford to be sick with all the kiddos to take care of.  So it was just a 24 hour flu.  Phew!  Back to cleaning, laundry, and taking care of the babies.  With a large family this house falls apart extremely fast. 

Summer has felt so weird not having as much of a schedule.  The kids have had more time to just goof off.  I don't mind but when it's time to do chores they complain more.  I knew it was from just having no schedule.  So we all had a family meeting and voted on a new summer schedule.  Basically no games till noon and chore time starts at 4pm.  Off all devices by 8pm and be in bed by 9pm.  They were getting to where they felt entitlesdto just party, party, party because it's summer and forgot about their regular responsibilities.  When I was sick though that all went out the window.  I think they were surprised when mom got better in one day.  Ha ha.

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