Thursday, June 06, 2013

Back From a Long Internet Break

This week I am watching an extra 3 kids and I've never seen my house so wrecked! No joke.  It's a mess.  That doesn't mean we don't clean.  It just means that we clean and clean and it goes right back.  I have chores set out for the kids that are here for the week and they do them but it all goes right back to the mess.  Yesterday we even cleaned for 3 hours.  I went into boot camp mama mode and said whatever is on the floor goes in the trash.  I wasn't joking because 2 very large black bags later, the floor was picked up.  Believe me, I gave plenty of warning.  Moms don't have to live their lives as cleaning slaves.  We are so much more than that.  So, I'll get off my box now. 

Other than the constant messes we have been having fun going swimming at our new gym, rock climbing, and just hanging out places.  Ryan's been having fun shooting off fireworks in the area and I think it's time we launch our huge rocket we bought awhile back.  Heh heh.  Well, I'm able to bring the extra kids to my gym but I'm not allowed to check them into the child watch which means no working out this week.  Phooey.  This fat will have to sit for a bit longer.

Anyway, I went on a loooong internet break and I decided it's been a good long time.  Man, it felt good too.  That's the longest we have ever done.  It's kind of like going on a food fast and getting cleansed.  There are just so many distractions and my kids were never wanting to play outside.  Today I am working on all the safety features to protect our kids.  We use Safe Eyes and have really loved it. 

*My friends, if you see me doing guest posts or posts for products, I try not to make it excessive.  I do try to earn money for my family on the side through writing.  If it's not something you are interested in seeing, please just scroll right past to the next post.  :)  I write because I love to!

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Unknown said...

We will be stopping by Tempe church this Sunday PM, on our way to Tucson Conference...would love to meet you face to face! Ask Monica Mammen. :)