Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Making Friends Rather Than Circles

My dad and Juliet (6 months)
Getting ready for Thanksgiving is exciting!  Today the littles ones and I headed to the library to check out some books on Pilgrims.  I'm not sure how accurate the stories are but it's a start.  This week my husband asked if we would focus on the meaning behind Thanksgiving so they understand that it's more than the yummy food they see. 

My mom and Ashley
We are incredibly blessed to see family that lives in town all year around so we really try to focus on inviting people that maybe don't have family around.  Many people have family that lives out of state and can't see them for the holidays. Well, it's nice to gather some together and make it as family-like as possible.  :)  I hear, and I'm sure it's true, that around the holidays people can really struggle with depression.  I would be pretty sad if all my family was far as well.  I remember very well living in my own apartment when I was single and having no one to celebrate with. 

My husband and I making lunch for friends

Ryan, my 11 year old, got the main part in a Christmas play and we are practicing like mad to get the lines down.  Wow, he has a lot!  I'm nervous for him and I'm not even in the play.  Ryan wants me to practice with him constantly but I'm not able to.  I have an idea though to make a recording of everyone else's part but leave a blank for him to listen and then insert his lines when he's supposed to. That way he can practice and practice.  LOL.  Sometimes I can practice with him, at least once a day, but he wants to do way more.  I don't blame him, he has a lot to remember.
Charles with my dad and friends from church

I got kind of in a bad habit of always inviting the same people from church over.  It's okay to have close friends but not if it's closing out other people.  Charles and I committed to inviting people over after Sunday at least 2 out of the 4 Sundays a month.  One of the Sundays we have a ministry to new visitors at church.  We make meals and serve it once a month at church.  the kids are really into it and love helping make food.  It's such a blessing because it forces me to come out of my shell and meet new people.  It's opened doors to getting to know others and not be tempted to stick in my own click.  I've never liked clicks because I felt like circles tend to look like they are closing other people out. 
Adella (left) made some killer salsa!
My kids can fall in the same habit of inviting the same kids over.  I seriously need a bigger van because it's pretty often that we'll invite several extra kids to our house every Sunday.  Yesterday we had to bus home 10 kids total so we need to upgrade! LOL.  No matter how many new friends have over though we keep tabs on our kids' very best friends.  Yep, if they have a Facebook we even check those out.  :D
Ryan's best friend Georgie

The difference between making friends and making circles is friends open their arms up to more and don't get jealous when another friendship is made.  Circles only close other people out.  The kids are learning to reach out to others rather than always stay with what is familiar.  :D
New friend Abigail and Juliet

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