Saturday, November 17, 2012

Making Critical Changes in the Home

Recently I was talking to my pastor about the changes we've made in the family, the things God has done in us. It's amazing how just a few changes can make such a huge difference in such a short amount of time.  Sometimes we might think a small change won't matter.  Well, at least I've thought that!

Some people thought maybe we had gotten rid of some extras in our life for various reasons.  Here was our day before. 

"Okay kids, it's time to do our chores and homeschool."

"Ohhhhhhh, but I wanted to play a game first"

"No, we always do work first before play, you know that."


"Okay, well, it's time to get ready for church."

"Really?  Again?  Didn't we just go recently?"


The simple solution after much wrangling and arguing-  I pulled the plug.  Okay, if we can't control our lives by putting God first, work second, and entertainment dead last, then it's gone.  Literally, we pulled the plug on electronics.  No more expensive game systems and no more internet.  Let's see the difference.

"Okay kids, it's time to do our chores and homeschool."

"Already did it, mom."


"Yeah, and I'm already working on my chore cards."

"Wow, that's awesome.  Well, let's go ahead and start our daily bible study while it's still morning."

"Okay, I'll go get the bibles!"

I'm not kidding!  The days are completely opposite from what they were before.  Am I tempted to turn the internet back on?  No way, says the happy mama!  Yesterday I wanted to get the back yard cleaned up for our thanksgiving guest and the kids wanted to pitch in.  It's a bit different asking kids to get involved when they aren't sucked in to the I.V. lines of entertainment.

Kids' art wall

The kids have been excited to go to church and they have really been reaching out and making friends.  I know it's hard for families to invite over large families and it can even be intimidating.  We started inviting families over our house instead on Sundays to practice hospitality and making new friends!  The kids have especially been excited to meet new kids.  The only game system we have is an old, old Super Nintendo the kids play on here and there when they are done with their work.  It's not a very addicting system. Tee hee...  Charles and I sit and challenge each other on Tetris every now and then. 

I was scared to make such a big step but it's exciting!  It's such a blessing when I check in on Chaz late at night and he's studying his bible or excited to hear a kid practicing a character quality when no ones looking. 


Unknown said...

That's awesome I need encouragement to try this.

Karen said...

That's great! So far I've just very much controlled things...we don't have any game systems, but they can play games on the computer...15 minutes a day/child...subject to days when Mom says "no computer". DVDs are (usually) very limited...I try hard not to regularly do anything so that my kids can't whine and complain about not watching/playing at specific times.

Love the attitude changes...I think lots of people could benefit by being in the "real" world instead of the "pseudo" world...including me. :-)

Chris H said...

Whatever works for you is good.

Rauf Arshad said...

its a great blog