Sunday, November 11, 2012

Abortion: The Blood is Not on My Hands

I'm so bummed, incredibly bummed that Obama was reelected.  I did not vote for a president that legalizes murdering babies.  I can rest at night knowing that I did not okay it by my vote or by not voting at all.  The judgement cup is about to overfill for America and the sin we put our stamp of approval on.  My kids were really, really involved watching the election this year and even participated in the Kids Vote program.  My boys took an elections class to learn all about how the process works.  I didn't have my camera but on election day all the kids wore red and white.  Little Juliet had a big red bow on her head.  Was so cute.  As a family we all went into the small room to vote and we filled it up.  We had gotten an early ballet but held onto it to turn in ourselves. 

After we voted we went to a restaurant to watch the results on screen.  It was exciting to watch the states fill up with red but it was also disheartening to hear that Obama had legalized a bunch of people just so they'd vote for him.  I'm talking a TON.  Oh well, this is the leader chosen by America but I feel safe in God that I did my part and voted the Bible.  Truthfully, I wasn't over fond of Romney because he wasn't a strong conservative but the alternative is a LOT scarier.  Lets say hello to the new heavy taxes coming this January.

Enough of my political talk for the day.  Got it out of my system.... for a little bit.  :) 


Zion said...

I'm with you. Abortion has been heavy on my heart lately. I pray for mercy.

Unknown said...

Yes I agree, well said.