Monday, November 05, 2012

Let's Fire Obama!

Vote Jeff Flake for U.S. Senate!
Here is a funny story... the other day my mom and I were gonna take a class to help work at the polls for the election.  I've worked at them before but never got to take the class. I figured I might as well.  This guy misdirected us to the wrong building and my mom and I didn't realize the mistake till we were half way through the training.  The training was to be a poll observer instead.  We were not sure what to do but decided to stay so we could get licensed to be one.  After we finished the training we were told we had to take a test.  Uhhhh....oh.  It was a four page test and I started to remember my school days where I wished I had taken notes.  Well, I passed!  I'm now a licensed poll observer.  Ha ha.  It ended up being a fantastic day and we got to talk to so many like minded conservatives.  Not a democrat in the house.  A little bit like heaven to me.  :D

Getting my signs to put out
I got to meet with Jeff Flake running for U.S.  Senate.  He talked about some things he stood for but also went into detail when he was really questioned on it.  He didn't talk in circles like most politicians  (and evolutionists).  I really appreciated that.  After talking with him and hanging out with some others we had a pizza party!  I ended up finding out about possibly joining a conservative women's club.  Not sure at all where I'd find the time in my over busy day to go to their meetings but I would like to pop in every now and then.  :D  Was it a surprise to me that I was the youngest person there (by a long shot)?  Noooo....

Would I love to fire Obama?  That's a big F. A. T YES!!!!!  Please let it be so and VOTE!  You can't complain about who is in office if you don't vote.  People in some other countries wish to God they could vote for their leader.  We have it good here in America.  Well, be careful who you vote for.  If you are unsure about it then please go over the the local video store or to and rent Obama 2016.  You would be shocked what we're in for if Obama is reelected.  Let's fire him!


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

I'm surprised! Here, there have to be exactly even numbers of Dems and Repubs at each polling place. And they each have to sign your ballot. I'm serious!!

Unknown said...

You Americans are always so cutting edge! I didn't know there were now ways to get videos that tell you the future! wow! Impressed!!

Music Challenge said...
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