Thursday, November 08, 2012

Harvest Festival 2012

Instead of having our kids trick or treat, our church does a Harvest festival for the kids to keep them indoors.  While kids are playing the parents go out or participate in the outreach to witness to people.  The kids are not allowed to wear anything scary when they come to the church because they aren't there to celebrate Halloween.  Actually, the church uses the day as an opportunity to go out to a pretty crazy area where they can reach a lot of people.  The kids need a place to stay so they do some pretty fun stuff with them. 

I hadn't gone on a date with my husband for almost a year so we decided to take the opportunity! :D  It was such a sweet time and actually, we both missed our kids very, very quickly.  Funny how that works.  We visited Joe's  Crab Shack and being that I've dieted the last couple months, I didn't have a huge appetite.  We ended up just splitting a meal and still got full. 

My mom took care of the two littlest ones while the kids were at the church party.  Little Caleb of course wanted to look just like his big brothers.  My kids and I do a lot of Hide and Seek in our house and often dress in camouflage. 
As soon as we got home from the party the kids wanted to play Hide and Seek again.  The boys didn't want to waste their face paint on just going to bed.  It was midnight but we went for it anyway.  Tee hee.... Ivy had never hid under our bed before and she just got caught in this picture.

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