Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My Birthday Get Together

Friday Charles took me out for a date and kept everything a surprise. First he took me to Red Robin and we ate and ate, all by ourselves. It was weird sitting there with no interruptions or anything. Not that I mind but it was quite different to be able to finish a thought. :) Then he tooked me to Mill Ave to stroll around and took me to Cold Stone for ice cream. Then we sat together in Borders bookstore in the coffee shop. It was wonderful and we didn't get home till almost midnight. Thanks Martin and Maureen for watching our kids! Saturday my mom, dad, Tammy, and Lola came over and made lunch. It was fun visiting with them and I loved my present and cards. It felt really good to have my family over my house and just talk with them. : ) Here is a funny pic of Charles and I being silly on the couch and a pic of me blowing out candles. I look like a stuffed turkey!! :D

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