Thursday, June 14, 2007

28 Years Young!

It is my 28 birthday today and I wanted to share with you 28 things I am so incredibly grateful for. :) Beware, this is long. I won't be doing this when I turn 50.

1. My relationship with Jesus Christ. Without Him, I could not make it with a smile on my face day to day. He gives me the strength I need.
2. My husband is my absolute best friend and love. He listens to me when I cry, laughs with me at my corny jokes, and makes me feel incredibly special.
3. My kids who taught me that life is so much more than money and careers. They have brought me back to what really matters and that is relationships. We could lose everything, but if we have each other, none of that other stuff matters.
4. My mom who is creative and sensitive. Although she gave me life, it's a wonder she kept me! LOL!
5. My dad who is a good listener and works so hard. He never ceases to amaze me how hard he worked for his family without complaining.
6. My father-in-law Martin who always fixes our cars even though we don't deserve it! He is fun to be around and has a heart. I couldn't of gotten luckier.
7. My mother-in-law Maureen who welcomed me into her heart and family. I've never met such a giving mother-in-law who makes one feel so special.
8. My sister Jodee who knows how to set me in my place when I am wrong yet always remembers birthdays and special events. She goes so out of her way to be hospitable.
9. My sister Tammy who is so sweet and the peace maker. She never ceases to amaze me how she will take care of you when you're down and make you feel welcome in her home.
10. My sister-in-law Melanie who likes to take care of people and knows how to give gifts well. She tries to learn what people like and puts a lot of thought into it. Something I have to work on.
11. My sister-in-law Desiree who is an amazing dedicated wife and daughter. She has good morals and will stick with them no matter what.
12. My house that God gave me. I don't deserve it through bad decisions I've made in the past but somehow God blessed me anyway. I'm amazed I got so blessed to have this as my first home.
13. My husbands job who does incredible things such as giving bonuses 3 times a year, dinners and bonuses at the Christmas dinner, and gives extra days off with holidays some people never get.
14. My cute Great Dane Daisy who loves a good snuggle. Best dog in the world.
15. My fluffy kitten Jasmine puts up so much with the kids. She doesn't mind being carried around and pushed in the shopping cart.
16. My friend Leslea who has something in common with me that only her and I could understand!
17. My very best friend Brianne who is always here and how I can call and hang out with anytime. She's such a sweetheart and loyal friend. Hard to find.
18. For Michele who always comes over and cooks, stays up late with me when I don't wimp out, and is so down to earth. I love that about her. She's real.
19. For my neighbors who always say hi! Who knew you could still borrow an egg anymore when you need one?
20. For my incredibly cool sanitary wipes from Costco. Who know I could chuck the dangerous chemicals for some safe wipes that clean so fast and easy? I love you wipes!
21. For my pastor who has grace but will step up when he has to. I need someone who can speak into my life whether it hurts or not. But also someone who can be real and understand. I am so grateful I found this church 8 years ago.
22. People in my church who know how to welcome you and looks past your faults. Even when you've come back from falling astray, they are just happy to see you're okay and serving God.
23. For Mary Benninger and her amazing rice and sauce. Thank you, Mary. Without you I would have nothing to eat at the buffets.
24. For Machelle, our nursery leader, she puts up with the fact that every time she graduates one of my kids out of the nursery, she is making room for another one of mine. Thanks!
25. For my Grandma Mona who is an amazing artist and always shares her work with me on my birthdays and holidays. Love you Grandma.
26. For my awesome mailman who doesn't mind me chasing him down the street for my mail. Without waiting for him, I would not pull so many weeds in my front yard.
27. For my van. Thank God for a van that fits our needs. I love my moon roof. Thank you, God.
28. Thank you God for my blog site. Without it, I couldn't share my pics and stories with friends and family out of town.

Whew.... trust me, I had so much more.

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Melany aka Supermom said...

A very happy birthday to you! I love the list. That's beautiful