Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Busy with Dog Training

My gosh! I have been so busy with training my dogs lately that I've hardly had a chance write much. From now on I'm not gonna tell people I have four kids, I'm gonna tell them I have seven!! I have a Great Dane named "Daisy" as you see in pic. I have a golden Labrador, and a little black cat. Well, the great dane is a pup that needs training still and has accidents. One in Ivy's room. My lab needs to be neutered to calm down his aggression, and my cat needs to be spayed so she'll stop being in heat. Sigh. There is a mouthful. I love animals but I definitely need to get them trained and "taken care of" so things can calm down. Right now my great dane (which is bigger now at 4 months than in that picture) thinks that the couch belongs to her. I keep pulling her off. You have to know that pulling a great dane off the couch is no easy feat. She is sweet as all get but you know how puppies are. Completely untrained in every way! Tips for me in training are completely welcomed! :)

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