Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hot Summer Days

Wow, it is so incredibly hot this summer and we are always, always indoors.  My favorite time around here is spring, fall, and winter.  I can't wait!  For now we are inside 90% of the time.  The other times we are swimming.  :)  lol.  Here is at my husband's mom's house. 

Thank goodness for kids stuff like this.  I bet the person who invented this is rich.  It has no wheels so Caleb can't just take off and fall into the pool.  He was happy in the shade watching us.

Man, Caleb loooooves the water.  He was so happy.  What you can't see here is him kicking and being so cute in the water.  He looked like a little froggy in the water. 

Aagh, love the water!  The kids kept wanting their daddy to throw them over and over into the water. 

My sweet Kyle eating pizza.  He is my third and he is silly and affectionate.  I love this boy.  :)

Ivy jumping off the diving board.  I so love those coast guard approved swimming vests because I can relax a little more.  Of course I'm in the water with them but I enjoy it more knowing the shaky swimmers will be safer! 

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