Monday, July 26, 2010

....But A Rough Saturday

I've been hurting a lot lately in my stomach so finally Saturday night my family and I headed over to the ER to see if we can find the problem.  It's been two months and it gets worse and worse.  It never goes away.  Of course my WHOLE family does everything together so my husband and 6 kids came along to see the fun.  That man is a patient man.  Amazing.  Especially being that they just waited in the waiting room for 4 1/2 hours.  He didn't regret it either. He's a keeper.

So they wheeled me back.  When they touched my stomach it made me jump a mile high so he said "Well, we're gonna have to put you on morphine because when you have tests, it's gonna hurt a lot more than that." 

Oh boy. 

I don't like morphine. It is terrible at first, then it feels heavenly, and then I pay the price afterwards.  So when she put it in my I.V. I was like "ohhhh....this is terrible!"  Then I was smiling and was in lala land.  I wanted to sleep.  As soon as I crashed they woke me up for the ultrasound.  (No, there is no baby).  So I was deprived of the yumminess of sleep.  My ultrasound would have went a lot quicker if I didn't have to make friends wherever I go.  So after the lady and I chatted about everything under the sun and told stories for an hour, finally I was wheeled back.  They couldn't find anything so they just released me with pain meds.  I hate pain meds that make me tired because I don't like to be kept down.  So I left the ER with the prescriptions and a referral to see a specialist asap.  That night the migraine hit along with serious nausea so I had to miss church on Sunday.  Man, talk about paying a heavy price just to get some morphine. NOT worth it.  I was down all Sunday.  By late Sunday night I had it and got up and walked around.  No more laying around. 

I'm supposed to be resting but I can't stand to watch my house crumble and become messy.  If I'm not on top of my kids about not being messy, the boat sinks.  Trust me.  6 kids under 10 makes for a busy captain.  I'm not complaining about it because I LOVE being busy.  I just like things to stay under control if possible.

I know these pics have nothing to do with the subject at hand but I can't stand posting with putting pics up.  LOVE taking pictures.  :)


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Ohhhh, Virginia, I hope you feel well soon! And that the specialist finds out what's wrong is easily fix-able.

Chris H said...

I hope they can eventually find out what is causing you all that pain.
I too had 6 kids under 10... and liked to keep my home neat and tidy... and it really isn't hard as long as you are organised!
I think you must be like me... super organised.

Virginia Revoir said...

Noooo, I am the OPPOSITE of organized. I WISH I was or at least had a friend that could teach me. :P I just work very hard to not have a crazy messy house. But not organized at all. That would help me so much if I was. I get tired of cleaning all the time.

Mrs. C, I did find out. It's endimitriosis. I'll be getting procedure done. :P Can't wait to get it over with. :)

Danielle said...

sorry to hear about your endimitriosis. what a bummer. I'm glad you know tho. It's way worse to not know IMO! Get well soon!