Monday, July 26, 2010

Guess What I Did Over the Weekend??

A friend of a friend was getting married and didn't really have anyone in the area to come and help out.  Well, being it was something quick (but not with the guy, she's liked him for long time), my friends and I helped out. I straightened her hair and did just a little makeup, Jessica did her make up, and Michele did all the harder stuff.  Getting the legal stuff set up.  So Jess and I went to the house and had fun playing dress up with Crystal  and we went down to the J.P to see them wed.  It was fun!  We did this on Friday.

Here is a pic of Crystal and I.

 Below Jessica is doing her makeup.

This is "The Kiss".....

 ....and Crystal with Michele's daughter which is now her niece.  I thought we did a lovely job on her hair and make up.  Dang.  You go girl. 

That was a lot of fun!  I never get to do that kind of girlie stuff with friends.  Thank goodness I have some friends who like do still play dress up.  Michele says I change my clothes a million times before I actually pick my outfits.  Not true.  Only...maybe....30 times.  I came up with this BRILLIANT ideas to take pics of all my outfits after I've worn them and make a folder of them in my computer.  That way, the next time I want to get ready for something, I can just go to my computer, pick an outfit and then go pull out the necessary items from my closet.  Less mess.  Plus, it's a super fun idea.  Therefore I can see which ones are flattering and which ones make me go "Oh my gosh!  What was I thinking????"

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Chris H said...

Awwww, the Bride looked adorable.