Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Visit From Grandma & Granddad

This time when my hubby's parents came over, they brought extra Wii stuff so the kids and them could all play together. Charles and Martin had a good time playing and you can see the kids in the background of the picture watching. They played Mario Kart along with them. If you look closely in the picture of Ryan holding Ashley on the bike, there are baby chicks in the basket of the bike. They like to ride them around the house. Ha ha! Maureen visited with me while the guys hung out in our game room.

My Mom's Birthday

Sunday was my mom's birthday so I threw her a small party. We had lots of fun! I fried up some hamburgers and we had some friends over with their kids. Her kids absolutely loved holding the baby chicks and they played with them most the time. I had to keep counting them to make sure none was missing. The other day we had a missing chicken and we had to do a rescue mission to find him. LOL. We looked everywhere. Finally I lifted up a toy in the playroom and there it was hiding. Was sooo cute! We have 10 little chicks and one duck so I have to keep track since the kids play with them so much. Ha ha! The picture of Chaz shows him holding a baby chicken. Oh, meant to say that when it came time for my mom to blow out candles, I didn't know that I had gotten the relighting "magic" candles. It kept relighting. We were all laughing. We had 10 kids here so we gave each one a chance to blow them out and then we cheered for them. Then it would relight for the next kid. So funny!

Funny Picture at the Fair

A couple of weeks ago we went to the fair with our kids. It was nice when it was still light outside. As soon as it got dark though, the crowds really came flooding in! We could barely move to get anywhere and the crowd was getting wilder. We decided to leave. From now on we will just go in the daytime! Whew...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dear God,

How did I ever deserve such blessings? I remember the little girl that could endure a spanking from my parents just so I could hold out my stubborn will. I remember the girl that would follow my sisters around copying every word they said just so that I could make them yell. I remember the girl that snuck out my window in the middle of the night just so I could talk to a boy by the lakeside. I remember the girl that told someone to go away in church because they wanted to share the love of Christ to me. I remember making her cry I was so mean. I remember calling my sister fat and not meaning it. I just knew it was the one thing that she was scared of being so I knew it would hurt. I remember tormenting my older sister when she was dating her now husband, while she tried to talk on the phone to him. I remember throwing tennis balls from the back of the house over the roof to try and aim for her while she was talking to her boyfriend in the front yard. I remember trying to scare my sisters by tapping on their bedroom window late at night outside so they would think there was a boogieman out there. I remember not saying a word while the cops were looking all over around the house to find that bad man. I remember ramming one of my parent's car into the other one, causing a huge dent, and not saying anything when they saw it. I remember moving out when I was 18 and leaving church because I was a big girl now. I remember laying alone in my small apartment, feeling the depths of my loneliness and the longing for my family. I remember crying on the floor, so lost in my sin, crying out for Your forgiveness. I remember meeting a dear sweet friend who said he'd wait for me. I remember standing at an alter giving my vows to him and before You. I remember my sweet little angels you temporarily put in my care here on earth. I remember moving into this house, my first house, that You promised me when You spoke to me. I remember, God, that you gave this all to me. I will never forget, I can't forget, that You gave it all to me. Your Mercy, Your grace, Your forgiveness, and your gifts to me. How could I have gotten so lucky? I know it's not luck. It's all a gift from You. I must never forget.

New Baby Chicks

We are gonna raise up 5 chicks for my friend at church so we visited the feed store today. They had just got a shipment in of all these really great chicks. Different types. I asked them what size eggs they lay. All the different varieties laid Jumbo size eggs. I'm like "what????" I don't have any like that! So of course I got five more for myself. Ha ha! Donald, our duck, is sooooo happy. You can see by the picture, all the little ducks cuddle him. The boys decided today what they want their chores to be. Chaz is happy to water the garden every morning and find little green worms to feed the chickens. Ryan is happy to feed the chickens every morning. That works out good that they agree. I think raising animals and caring for gardens is a really good experience for the kids. As you can see, Ivy loves it too. She had a little party for all of them in her playhouse. LOL.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dogs of Our Lives

This is a silly video I made for a friend of ours. The yellow dog you see was given to us by some friends from church. They were wondering how she was doing so I said I'd make a video for them. Of course I could never do anything serious or it's just another boring video.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Donald the Duck!

Our cute little duck. He's not ready to mix in with the chickens just yet. But he's real sweet and he has his own little pad for now. We are all taking turns cuddling this one so he'll be used to us. Bubba (our biggest and fattest chicken) is the friendliest one we have. Chaz says we should cook him but he's my friend. He's not going in the pot. He's fat a slow and the kids love him. Ha ha. Donald is allllll alone. He had a buddy but his buddy didn't make it.

Fun with Worms

Today I went and bought some worms that are good for the soil. (Who knew I'd ever pay money for 48 worms? Next thing you know I'll be paying for dirt. Oh wait, I already do! Ha ha.) They love the dirt and I am glad for the garden. LOL. Also, the kids had fun with playing with them before they dug their way down. Pretty neat! Oh, the close up of one plant is my yummy serano peppers. The new spouts you see are corn.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fun at the Farm

We all headed to a farm last week. The kids loved the hay ride. Charles and I loved "moo"in back at the cows. Ha ha! It was a great day, and beautiful!!! :D

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Only Hope Bloopers

I wrote this one song to play on my guitar and I kept having itchie problems so it turned out funny to put the clips together. LOL Thought I'd share with you. :D

Monday, October 06, 2008

Fun at the Zoo Again

We took the kids (along with our friends) to the zoo again and it was a gorgeous day! They added some new things that were such a blast. There is a whole new water area but since it was a little breezy we had to strip them down to get the cold clothes off of them. We love having picnics here. I know you don't really see any pictures of animals on here. Um... I guess because there are enough kids in the picture that it's wild enough! Ha ha.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Baby Chicks Get New Pad!

Yesterday we moved our five baby chicks to their new pad. Unfortunately we had to move our rooster out. He wanted to kill all of them. So we have to find him a new home. No, I won't be cooking him for dinner. But... if the economy keeps going down you'd better believe we would! I'm even thinking of getting a goat we can milk. This is so cute, these pics. Ivy is holding one of the road island reds and Ashley is touching her with just one finger. I have to keep a close eye on the baby because she will grab it buy the head and swing it around. She's done it before.