Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Mom's Birthday

Sunday was my mom's birthday so I threw her a small party. We had lots of fun! I fried up some hamburgers and we had some friends over with their kids. Her kids absolutely loved holding the baby chicks and they played with them most the time. I had to keep counting them to make sure none was missing. The other day we had a missing chicken and we had to do a rescue mission to find him. LOL. We looked everywhere. Finally I lifted up a toy in the playroom and there it was hiding. Was sooo cute! We have 10 little chicks and one duck so I have to keep track since the kids play with them so much. Ha ha! The picture of Chaz shows him holding a baby chicken. Oh, meant to say that when it came time for my mom to blow out candles, I didn't know that I had gotten the relighting "magic" candles. It kept relighting. We were all laughing. We had 10 kids here so we gave each one a chance to blow them out and then we cheered for them. Then it would relight for the next kid. So funny!
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