Saturday, October 25, 2008

New Baby Chicks

We are gonna raise up 5 chicks for my friend at church so we visited the feed store today. They had just got a shipment in of all these really great chicks. Different types. I asked them what size eggs they lay. All the different varieties laid Jumbo size eggs. I'm like "what????" I don't have any like that! So of course I got five more for myself. Ha ha! Donald, our duck, is sooooo happy. You can see by the picture, all the little ducks cuddle him. The boys decided today what they want their chores to be. Chaz is happy to water the garden every morning and find little green worms to feed the chickens. Ryan is happy to feed the chickens every morning. That works out good that they agree. I think raising animals and caring for gardens is a really good experience for the kids. As you can see, Ivy loves it too. She had a little party for all of them in her playhouse. LOL.
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