Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sweet Holy-days!

It has been such a neat month, a closeness together. Since ridding of the extras in our life. My days feel longer, more sweet things, things that matters most, cared for. :) I spend more time with my kids, in my garden, or being more involved in other things. It's been pretty cool. My hubby and I have never spent more time together. Now we really have no excuse to say we don't have enough time to read our bible and pray! LOL. I've been able to read more which has been great. I know I talk about this a lot, but it's meant so much to me that I don't know if I even want my internet back at home. I will be getting my laptop fixed so that when I take the kids to McDonald's once a week, I can hook up to their Wi-fi for an hour while watching them play. :) I just don't want it at home. I'm an information lover. I love to look up everything that I am wondering about. So, if I'm in my garden and I want to learn about something, I head for my computer. Or if I'm with my hens and I need to learn to clip their wings, I go straight for the computer. Or I'm cooking and I decide I'd like to try something new, I go straight for the computer. Argh! I love to learn about things all the time. However, it can get excessive. I'm sure lots of people aren't like that.... but I am. So, I decided to play it old fashion and stop being hooked up to everything. I haven't had a TV for years so that's not an issue. If I did, I'd want to watch information shows! Ha ha! (Like about the Duggar Family, John and Kate Plus 8, Baby Story, Trading Spaces, What not to wear, etc. Basically TLC.) Those shows are all ways of learning about things. So, it's good I don't have a TV at home! At first it was hard because I kept wanting to go look something up on the computer and I'd head for it. Now I just keep a list in my mind and the next time I go to the library, I remember to look it up. :D I hope all my blogging friends are doing awesome and I'm going to sit and look you guys all up soon. I miss you guys too! Merry CHRISTmas!

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Chris H said...

I can't imagine not having a TV in the home, or the internet! You are super strong!!!