Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Season

For Christmas my hubby got me a long awaited laptop. Since Ivy destroyed my laptop, have greatly missed it. However, I still do not want internet at home and I wait to go on the internet till I am somewhere where they have Wifi. I’d rather just keep it that way. That way I’m not tempted to write constantly because that is what I love to do. :D So I write stuff during the week on my laptop and then transfer it later with the pictures onto my blog when I can use Wifi. Works for me! So much is going on. Such a beautiful and wonderful season. I also just celebrated our 10 anniversary. We love how our anniversary is in December because it’s such a romantic season. I love how much more joyful people are in this season. I know there are the grouch’s out there but sometimes even the grouches lighten up! LOL. That’s the magic of Christmas.

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